Radiology Flashcards is a web based program that allows access to "flashcards" from all aspects in Radiology. The purpose is to bring a more fun and action into the learning process and allowing more interactivity. Over 2000 cards have been entered so far! That program displays randomly 20 flashcards with question on the front side and the ability to flip the card and seeing the answer on the backside. Sessions consist currently of 20 cards. Sessions can be random through all aspects of Radiology or the user can select specific sections (e.g. mamms, neuro etc). The user can also do a free text search and based on that do learning sessions.

This program has been developed that way that users can enter contents online at their convenience. The nice thing with this flashcard program is that you can create different types of flashcards: standard Q/A type or gamut, abbreviations, personalities and even cases with images. If wished, we can also create new sections and even different types of cards, to suit also other target audiences than radiologists (e.g. technologists, nurses, physicists, IT staff, admins etc)

Social media is a big part of this project and thus we integrated social media features to easily share the contents with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ and other social media - and of course also Radiolopolis!

If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please let us know at (please send us also information about yourself) and we’ll set up an author account for you.

Enjoy learning!

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